Everyone can participate in their own way in environmental benefits, either by engaging directly or indirectly, for example by sponsoring specialized associations or foundations.

The FAL-CO Association was born from the desire to bring together individuals who, in addition to their passion for falconry, decided to offer some of their skills for the benefit of the environment.

To understand the approach, you must know that the falconer must not only know the environment in which it evolves, but also to ensure its safeguard.

The falconer maintains a close relationship with nature, since it weaves a privileged link with one of the most representative animals of the wild fauna: the raptor.

However, like many species, their small numbers expose them to the risk of disappearing at the slightest environmental change. We can therefore consider raptors as a „barometer“ of our natural environment.

The link between man and raptor must be a perfect balance, without any balance of power or hierarchy.

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